Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I Like It When People Say Nice Things About Me. To Me.

This morning at the gym our lift was a heavy clean complex.

Two hang power cleans.
Two push jerks. (NOT split jerks!)
Two front squats.

Without putting the bar down.

The 5am class has two coaches. I'm not sure why, but I don't mind it at all.

During the lifting portion of the class they walk around watching people lift and making small corrections as they are needed.

This morning one of the girls lifting behind me was having trouble with the push jerk so one of the coaches was over watching her and coaching her.

I set up for my lift, trying to focus on things I've had trouble with in the past. Keeping the bar close on the hang clean, turning my elbows over quickly and keeping them in the rack position during the push jerk and front squat, and driving my knees out during the squat.

I got through the complex, and the coach didn't say anything. I dropped the bar, and the coach didn't say anything. I loosened my wrist wraps and walked away, and the coach didn't say anything. Then I looked over at him and all he said was, "Damn, you're a good lifter."

I couldn't help it - I started beaming.

I told him, "I had to be good at something."

He smiled and said, "Everyone has to have something."

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  1. Go Airplane, go Airplane...

    Glad you found that something ;)