Sunday, September 2, 2007

A Farmer's Market and A Crayon Map...

Days 2 and 3 of my Boston extravaganza went by in a whirlwind of adventure!

We had already decided that Saturday would be our "Day at the Cape." With an immense desire to summer there (and a fantasy of finding Cape Cod League ball players), we knew this was going to be a VERY important part of our vacation!

The original plan was to get up early to beat traffic out to the Cape, but our shenanigans on Friday night did not lend themselves to an alarm wake-up. So we slept to our little hearts desires (or until the sound of the jackhammering downstairs woke us up.) As IT Girl made us some delicious breakfast sandwiches we discussed the best ways to make delicious coffee and looked up the directions to our destination. We packed my "Virginia is for Lovers" bag (don't ask) with snacks and all of the reading material and music that we could possibly need if traffic
became a problem. We were on our way.

According to Captain Chowdah*, a friend of IT Girl's, the best clam chowder on the Cape was to be found at Captain Parker's Pub ( in West Yarmouth. So this was to be our first destination.

(We made our way to the pub despite the obvious lack of signage in the state of Massachusetts.) The chowder was excellent and on a whim, I grabbed a crayon map on the way out.

**For those of you who are not familiar with the crayon map concept, these are cartoon-like maps that are common in tourist areas and focus on local businesses.

The crayon map proved to be a most helpful resource as it guided us to Hyannis and the JFK Memorial. (Clearly IT and I were not boy scouts, as it was at this location that the camera ran out of battery and we were not able to capture the beauty that we saw - or the house that we will summer in.) After a short jaunt around the beach and a quick look at some beautiful Cape houses, we made our way to Main Street for some award-winning homemade ice cream. (Katie's Homemade Ice Cream on 570 Main St, Hyannis MA - if you are looking for it, it is across the street from the amusement park). We enjoyed our ice cream while browsing the shops, but didn't find anything to bring home with us. We got in the map and decided to drive through Hyannis Port on the way home, which posed a small problem as the map ended before our location materialized. Slightly lost on Craigville Beach, we saw a woman wearing nothing but the largest bra on the planet and cotton shorts - it was rather traumatizing! This was our cue to head home, but without a map of where we were, we headed in the direction we thought was north (Piper* the Prius did not come with a compass). As luck would have it, we were right and we made it back to the MidCape Highway and towards Boston.

The day wore us out more than we were expecting and we knew that we had to be up early the next day so we headed home for a relaxing night in. Popcorn, movies, and wine would round out our day. Even though our first choice was missing from Blockbuster, we managed to entertain ourselves with two of the most random movies we could find.

Our Sunday started very early so we could make it to our Duck Tour on time. A delicious breakfast and a quick stop at Starbucks and we were on our way to the Prudential Center. Our Duck Tour was awesome and I was even the Captain for a while. We headed down to Newbury Street for some brunch and shopping then continued to walk around Boston for a while before heading home.

After a short nap and another couple of movies we set out to make a dinner from our Farmer's Market goods.

There are not words to describe the deliciousness of this meal. Seriously, we are wonderful cooks and I still contend that we should have a travel/cooking show that can showcase our abilities - we will call it "A Farmer's Market and A Crayon Map." (Anyone have a connection at the Food or Travel Network?)

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