Friday, September 28, 2007

It's Raining Men...

I must start by apologizing to my dedicated fans (I think there are two of you...). Clearly, I have been a bad blogger and I'm sorry. I could give you excuses, but they wouldn't make a difference. The fact of the matter is I have let my blog fall to the bottom of my priority list and I am going to work to change that.

So, as is typical of my life, things are out of control. I often wonder if other people's lives are as ridiculous as mine. Do other people experience the madness or do I just realize the craziness more than the average joe? Either way, there have been a lot of average joes in my life as of late and I felt it worthy of a post.

To start with I have somewhat been proposed to twice in the last month:

1. Louisiana* (all wrong - no explanation needed)

2. Red Baron* (we're great on paper, we have lots in common (including we both like men))

On top of that, I had the most random conversation ever with another gent. Literally, he was telling me about this problem he has with a girl and said, "I feel about her like I feel about you." WHAT?? Who says that? What does that mean?

I had a strange meal thing. I got a shoulder rub and had an intimate(-ish) moment at dinner.

But at the same time, we can scratch one off of the list. Lanscaper came over to do some yard work and brought a woman with him. (This may actually be a positive since he could only profess his love for me when drunk.)

The problem that I have with all of the above men, is that I can't see a future with any of them. It kind of makes me want to give up...

In another love life, IT Girl had a first date with NKOTB. It seemed to go well, she will probably see him again this week.

I guess for the time being IT and I will have to keep Hangin' Tough.


  1. Please airplane blog more often i cant wait to hear more and i know the rest of your fans cant wait either but i also feel that you are holding back some details that is not fair to your fans.. please post more.

  2. Fish-

    I am holding back some details. Due to the nature of blogs, I don't always know who will read it, and there are some things that are better left unwritten.