Thursday, May 27, 2010

Do You Have Anything To Declare?

Do you know what I hate?

When I go to see a movie in the theater (which rarely happens) and I am watching the movie and a funny part comes on and I'm the only person who laughs.

Well, I don't really hate it, but it makes me wonder about other people.

Last night Dirty and I did something nutty! We went and saw Sex and the City 2 at midnight.

I never do things like that.

Heck, I'm usually in a deep sleep by that time of night.

It was a blast though!

I'm so glad that we did it - even if I'm barely able to keep my eyes open today...

Either way, there is a part in the movie where a lady asks Carrie if she has anything to declare. And her response, "Yes. I'm a mess!"

Dirty and I were the only people in the mostly full theater who laughed.

Seriously? How was that not funny to anyone else?

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