Thursday, May 13, 2010

An Introduction

I have some serious material for a blog post, but I have been meaning to post this one for a long time - so you are going to have to wait on my diatribe on the Y chromosome another day (maybe two).

Meet Chunga!

Chunga is the dog of Bunner and Banana. He was a stray and he adopted them and they love him!

                                                                                     And I love him!

                                         He is hilarious!

When they first got him, he was a little hyperactive and annoying, but things have changed.

I'm not sure he was really smart to begin with, but then he went ahead and killed a whole bunch of his brain cells in a fly bait incident (that almost took his life too...) and now he's super chill.

Biggie and Tiny love to play with him when they are all at Match and Papa's house. And he really is hilarious.

This is my favorite example of the "smart" things that he does.

Banana sent this picture a couple of weekends ago. They had been in town for the weekend and they brought the monkey with them. 

On their way home to Dub-Town, doing 75 miles per hour down the highway, Chunga climbed up onto the toolbox to enjoy the view.

So cute, but so dumb. Bless his little heart.


  1. and my little monkey!!

  2. Ever since you posted this monkey now acts like a celebrity...I believe the fame is getting to him.
    Other neighborhood dogs have stopped by for treat time and his paw print...some even wanted it on their butts!! :)
    Okay I will stop pulling your leg...and get to work:)