Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Let Go. Let God.

If you know at all, you know that the song that Luke Bryan is singing in the player above could have been written by her. I can not tell you the number of times that I would be worried about something and talking to her about it and she would say, "Pray about it."

Let me tell you, there are certain times in your life when you do not want to hear that.

But here I am, almost 29 years old, and I find myself saying the same thing. Often.

I delivered that very same statement to O'Dub just the other day. He, of course, looked at me like I was crazy.


Last night I was feeling really anxious about a couple of things.

Well, let me back up. I talked to Banana on the way to work yesterday and she shared a story with me that got me thinking about God and my conversations with him. Then she called me last night and we were talking about prayer.

So as I lay down to go to sleep, I was feeling anxious about some things, and I knew that there were a few people who had recently asked for prayer for their friends or family; so I muted the TV and talked to God for a bit. Nothing in depth, nothing long and drawn out. Just a quick conversation to say, "Hey, Lord, I need you. And so do some of my friends."

And you know what? I slept better than I have in a long time.

And I woke up feeling much more at peace.

And it reminded me of Granny B. The other day I was talking to her about how silly boys were and she said, "Oh, Airplane. Let go. Let God."

I said, "You're right."

She said, "Repeat it back to me."

That made me laugh a little, but I said it.

And the truth is, it helps me get through the days.

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