Saturday, July 24, 2010

Character Development

Ok, I'll tell you all a little bit about NG.

Let's start with how this whole thing got started.

Sissy's friend, Cowgirl*, lives in a super small town in southern AZ. She and Sissy went to college together and have been friends ever since.

I traveled a lot for my last job and anytime I was in her part of the world, I would stay with her family.

She is a wonderful person and a total kick in the pants!

Her husband is in farm and ranch realty, so when the market took a dump, Cowgirl got a job at the local restaurant/bar as a bartender to supplement their income.

So a couple of weeks before the Fourth of July, Cowgirl called Sissy up and said, "I have the perfect guy for Airplane."

She actually wanted me to come down that weekend, but I had plans with BiggieSmalls, so I couldn't swing it.

I called up Cowgirl and we decided that the Fourth would be good.

Now, let me stop here to tell you that I was a little leery of this whole thing. But a few things made me go:

1. I don't talk to Cowgirl much at all, so for her to meet someone and think of me, was a little strange.

2. No one has ever said, "I have the perfect person for you." I figured it was worth a shot.

3. If it all went south in the beginning, I knew that I would have fun with Cowgirl no matter what, so there was no downside.

Ok, fast forward to the weekend. Originally, I wasn't supposed to meet NG until Saturday afternoon, but when I got to her house, Cowgirl informed me that we were meeting a couple of her friends at the bar where she works and that he would be meeting us there.

I was a little nervous, I hadn't really prepared to meet him quite yet.

I'll tell you what I knew about him at this point: He is a federal agent. His mom lives in rural New York. He is about 5'11. He is hilarious.

He got there quite a bit after we did and we were in the back room of the bar with a group of people when he arrived. He and I didn't get a chance to talk much, but I was able to watch him interact with other people. I thought he was nice and funny. There were a few things about him that I didn't love.

One being that he smokes. Although Cowgirl informed me that he was trying to quit.

I learned that he is law enforcement for a federal agency and has a police dog for that job. He has two nephews, who live in another state (Michigan, I think). He thinks they are holy terrors. He knows most of the people in this small town and they all like talking to him.

As I mentioned previously, we were supposed to see him on Saturday, but a lot of issues prevented that from happening until the end of the night when we were headed home.

So it was Sunday at the BBQ when I got to learn  a lot more about him. 

I learned that he has two sisters (and maybe a brother - I can't believe that I can't remember). He enjoys his job and he loves guns! He is, in fact, trying to quit smoking. And he is very nice.

I really enjoyed meeting him. And I wouldn't mind hanging out with him again in the future.

The problem is that he lives three hours away. And my job is crazy busy right now, and likely will be through November 3.

So, you may hear more about him some time in the future. I can't be sure.


  1. I am not one bit disappointed. I like to know the details. I feel like a blog stalker though when I read your blog-I want to comment on every post, but try and restrain myself.

    I'll tell you though-you should have some sort of guide on the side of your blog, 'cause I get not wanting to flash everyone's name out in internet land...but when I first started to read your blog and saw the name Dirty, I wasn't sure where to go with that! ha!

    Hope you have a good Sunday...we are outta''s stinking hot these days!

  2. Don't feel like a stalker - comment all you want!

    Good suggestion on the guide - I will work on that.

    Stay cool!