Thursday, July 15, 2010

An Island Vacation

Ughh - I'm having serious technical issues!

My computer doesn't want to load pictures. I can't even put them on Facebook.

I don't want to be back in Arizona...

I'm going to do my best to give you the recap on the Bahamas now, without crying that I'm not there.

I got to Glinda's house late Thursday night so that we could put our liquids in one bag and head to the airport early the next morning.

We had a great plan to avoid paying too much in baggage fees. We would all pack our carry-ons with our clothes, bathing suits, and shoes; then we would put all liquids in one bag and check just that bag. (There was some small concern that we would get searched for checking one small duffel bag, but we didn't.)

Before we left Glinda's house on Friday morning, we had a very small breakfast. We landed early in Miami, but for some reason the idiots at the Miami airport couldn't figure out how to get us into a gate so we sat on the tarmac while all chances of grabbing a quick bite to eat vanished before our eyes.

But when we arrived in our room, everything was all of the sudden better.

So we headed downstairs for over-priced pizza and a night swim.

Saturday we spent the morning on the beach and then decided that we needed an adventure. We tried to find the daiquiri place that someone told us about the night before, but we had no luck. 

So we loaded up on the local bus and headed for the market. At our first stop, we had to wait a minute while the driver tweaked the muffler.

One of my favorite things about the Bahamas was that everyone just brings their family and friends to work with them. You have to drive the bus today? No need for a babysitter, just bring the kids along. I think it makes for a very happy workforce. (Unless you don't like your family...)

The market was pretty uneventful, but we stopped by the liquor store as well to pick up a bottle of local coconut rum.

I would say that those two stops (purchases) were probably our best ideas of the trip!

Back at the hotel, we made some sandwiches and headed back to the beach.

That night was when we discovered the Daunte Culpepper was the nice man on the balcony below us and to the right. While we were people watching in the lobby, we noticed a bunch of white guys asking another guy if they could get their picture with him. 

Despite a foolproof plan, Vegas* and I couldn't get Fiero* to go ask for his picture so we had to stop another guy and ask who the famous dude was. 

It wasn't until the next morning that we realized they were the same guy.

Sunday's adventure was a bus trip downtown. Armed with some tips from our friend Connie, we went downtown in search of good local food, $8 rum, and a rickety water taxi.

We found all three!

I mentioned on Monday that we were there for the Independence Day celebrations. I was so excited! (And how awesome are their flag colors?!?)

After a little shopping and a jaunt over to Paradise Island, we decided to go find some lunch at the Fish Fry.

Connie had already warned us that they would try to lure us into Twin Brothers, but that we should avoid it because it was overpriced and touristy.

She had heard from a local that Remelda's Kitchen was the place to go.

Connie hadn't led us astray yet, so we found Remelda's and settled in for a DELICIOUS meal!

(I will post about the food over on Airplane Food in the next day or so.)

We boarded the bus back to the hotel and decided to get off at the stop with the Tricky Daq Shack.

This was not a mistake!!

That sexy man in the background will mix you up a fresh fruit daiquiri and pour it into a plastic cup with a good two and a half shots of rum in it.

For $6.

It was a SMOKIN' deal!

Monday was our last full day in the Bahamas and we decided that we should spend it on the beach all day.

And that is exactly what we did. 

Fiero and I are a little on the pasty white side, and no matter what SPF sunscreen we use, or how often we reapply, we still can't spend much time in the direct sunlight, so we set up camp under a palm-frond shade and settled in for a day of reading, drinking, and relaxing.

I decided that my favorite time of day in the Bahamas is right when the sun starts going down. It cools off quite a bit, the beach gets really quite (read: all of the screaming children head to dinner), but there is still enough light to read.

That night we had a pizza party on the beach and then disrupted some filming of MTV Canada until we got too tired to do anything else.

The trip home was pretty uneventful.

The vacation was well worth it!

It was more than I could have imagined!

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  1. You lucky bum..

    I can not believe how white that sand is!