Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Devil is in the Details

Ok, I have a million things to get done and I'm sitting at the computer blogging and talking to CageFighter. Someone please stop me!

We'll start off with CageFighter...

For those of you who don't know, CageFighter and I went to high school together. He was a little younger than me, but he was on the basketball team and I was the stat girl for the team. When we would go on road trips, I would sit at the front of the bus with the coaches and the other stat girl (who happened to be my BFF at the time). CageFighter would typically sit in the seat right behind me and talk nonstop. Usually saying something silly and telling me he loved me. The coaches would get tired of hearing him talk and would tell him to shut up or go to the back of the bus. So he would head to the back of the bus.

I should break now to tell you that he was on the JV team and he was a pretty scrawny kid. Although he always had really well-defined biceps. (Weird that I remember that.)

So, he would head to the back of the bus, where the older (and much bigger) guys would inevitably beat him up. Then he would come back to the front and sit as quietly as he could for a while.

Even back then, I was always in his corner. I wanted him to win. To be the star of the game. It never happened.

After he graduated he began training in MMA while also going to college. The next time I saw him was probably about two years after he had started training and I just smiled. He could totally kick the ass of any of the guys who beat him up on the basketball bus.

Somewhere around 2006/2007, CageFighter suffered a broken leg during a fight. The injury really set him back and he needed to do some rehab and get back into the sport mentally. So in 2007, he moved to Phuket, Thailand to train out of Tiger Muay Thai. He is the head MMA instructor there, and he also trains for fights.

His ultimate goal is to fight in the UFC and he has to log a couple of Ws in Asia in order to make that happen.

So fast forward to this week. For the last couple of months, he has been training to fight in Martial Combat 6 on ESPNStar.

And he won!!

I'm so proud of him! If you choose to watch the fight video, you will see that he was in great shape (much better than his opponent) and was ready for an all-out war. Unfortunately, I don't think that his opponent took the fight seriously and it ended quickly.

Either way, it was a win, and he's one step closer to fighting in the UFC and me watching from the front row!

If you want to watch the fight, you can do that here. Search "Ray Elbe" and you are looking for the fight versus Alan Fernandes.

While I was searching for the fight (yes, I think I have become a groupie), I found the promotional video for it and I couldn't stop smiling when I watched it. Hearing him talk about fighting makes me happy. His love for the sport and his job is exciting.



  1. Love this! I'm so glad I have got to see a picture of him now!!

  2. I can't believe you had never seen his picture. He's pretty adorable, right?