Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Not So Bad..

Turns out I'm not so bad in emergency situations.

I was talking to IT recently and she reminded me of a time that we were in college, when I saved the day!

It was our freshman year. We were living in the dorm, although not roommates yet.

Probably around 2 pm, we had finished our homework (yes we were nerds and did our homework when we got home from class) and were going to go waste a little time and money at the discount card store.

We were headed out the back door of the dorm, where there were about 4 stairs.

It all happened so fast.

One second we were laughing and walking. The next second, IT was on the ground at the bottom of the stairs, blood spilling from her chin.

Thinking quickly, I ran back into the dorm and grabbed what seemed like a roll of paper towels.

I got back to IT in time to find our worthless RA standing there. When I arrived with the paper towels she determined I had things under control and left.

I decided that there was just too much blood and we needed to go to the ER.

Once there, I got IT all checked in and settled.

Then we waited.

For. Ever.

I swear it seemed like days.

So I walked back up to the counter to inform them that my friend was losing a lot of blood and was in extreme pain and could we please be seen.

A few more prodding conversations and they sent us back to see a doctor.

They obviously thought they were smarter than me. 

They were not.

Once we were situated in the room and I found the button that you push to get medical attention, it started again.

Well, first I began using the phone in the room. I called IT's roommate and my suite mate to let them know where we were.

I think I may have called them a few times.

Then I alerted the nurse that my friend was in substantial pain and needed some meds.

However, she hadn't eaten in a while so they probably needed to bring her some food.

So they came in with graham crackers, apple juice, and Tylenol.

I will say that I am surprised they didn't come in and stitch her chin up earlier than they did, I was probably more than a little annoying.

Although maybe they found us entertaining.

I can't remember how long it was before the good-looking doctor came in to take care of the wound.

You see, the ER we went to was at the University hospital, where most of the doctors are young residents. Always a bonus.

(Unless you are there because you don't know what is wrong with you and you are crying and the cute resident thinks it is because you are pregnant and scared. When really it is because you are scared and alone. But that's another story for another day.)

So, cute doctor assess the injury, decides it does, in fact, need stitches and begins the process of sewing IT back together.

While I watched.

Which is so not like me.

I think I was mesmerized by the cute doctor.

Either way, I just wanted to provide everyone with proof that, when needed, I can handle an emergency situation.

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