Monday, January 30, 2012

Miscellany Monday - More Pictures

tiny tot

 I didn't actually take this picture, but Sissy sent it to me with the caption, "Take my picture please."

How can you not love that kid?

nightly routine

 I can guarantee you that if you go to Match and Papa's house after 6 pm on any given weeknight, this is what you will see.

Both on their iPads, Fox News on the TV.

fastest girl in town

We had to run 3 400m sprints in CrossFit last week, with one minute rest in between.

Total time posted - 7:16. That means that every one of my sprints was under two minutes! I was so proud!

mail surprise

Such-N-Such sent me a letter and included this shrinky dink that we made last year. 

I LOVE getting surprises in the mail!! 

kickin' it old school

On Friday evening, I headed down to my alma mater to watch JP's little bro play a little basketball.

You couldn't pay me enough to go back to high school, but I do love the Buckeye Hawks!

color running 

On Saturday, I took off with Triple R and Dirty to participate in the first Color Run in Arizona. 

It was the MOST fun I have ever had running! On the left you see what I looked like at the beginning of the race, and on the right - after. 

I encourage you to see if there is a Color Run near you and sign up NOW!

3 nephews and a niece

The Fam headed out to Sissy's yesterday for BIL's birthday lunch. I was a little early so I was out front hanging with Biggie and Tiny while they rode their bike and scooter respectively.

We are still waiting for BabyBunner* (on the bottom left) to make his appearance any time this week. And SisterSmalls* sometime in the next six or so weeks.

paleo dessert

Who says dessert has to have sugar? Not me!

I should probably be concerned that I ate an entire bunch of kale tonight, but I'm not. It was delicious sauteed with bacon, garlic, and shallots.

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