Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Picture Pages...

So, it was my goal to post my instagram pictures each Monday for Miscellany Monday, but I was in Denver playing with the sweetest babies (after my nephews) on Monday so we're running behind...

(Cheyenne - I will try to maybe break up the pictures in future weeks to make it easier to comment... :))

fortune telling

Had a work lunch at PJ Fangs and this was my fortune. As Tela would say back in the day in Spanish class, "Ah, que suerte!"

got mah hurr did

 I am apparently addicted to getting my hair done now... I did want to go a little darker so my new hairdresser complied. You can't really tell in this picture, but there are some red tones in it as well. I'm loving it so far!

movie shoes

Right after Christmas, Match and I headed over to Sissy's house for a dinner party with BIL's family. I was wearing these shoes. BIL's mom walked up to me and said, "Oh, wow, I have only ever seen those shoes in the movies."

Can someone tell me what that means?

leaving on a jet plane

This was the view out my airplane window when we hit 10,000 feet. Leaving Phoenix headed to Denver.

Did you know there is a whole conspiracy theory about the Denver Airport being the headquarters for the NWO? People are crazy!

beading and baking

Went with PR to the bead store in Denver to make some jewelry. Despite being totally overwhelmed, I was able to fashion the earrings you see on top there. I was pretty impressed!

Then it was home to bake German Chocolate Cake for her hubby's birthday. I'm not much a fan of German Chocolate cake - I'll just take the frosting, please.


I am trying with all my might to read this book and it is just not happening. I keep falling asleep.

pedis and mimosas

Sunday morning we headed down the street for pedicures and mimosas. I'll have to tell you about the adventure we encountered in my detailed Denver post.


Seriously, is there anything more shady than an old school briefcase?

I used to work with a guy who carried one of these and I couldn't help but giggle during our annual convention when he would sit in our committee meeting and put it up on the table and open it up. I always thought it would be full of piles of money.

injured list

I really truly have no idea how I did it, but can you see how swollen my left ankle is in the pictures? It didn't hurt so bad yesterday, but it was super swollen so I wrapped it when I got home and elevated it. I managed at the gym this morning with no pain and a little ice and advil dulled the pain this morning. I'm hoping that since it just randomly swelled, it will just randomly heal too...

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