Monday, January 23, 2012

Miscellany Monday

I was scolded by JP for not blogging this weekend, and the truth is, I started the Denver post, and then it seemed boring so I abandoned it.

My life is seeming a little boring these days - I'll try to spice it up for you all in the coming weeks.

Until then...

wine and cocoa

I am back on strict Paleo. For eight weeks - no wine, no chocolate, no sugar, no dairy. So far it hasn't been horrible, but I do miss the chocolate.

But dammit - I have to get to the top of that rope!

beef, it's what's for dinner

Dirty's parents were in town last week celebrating their 42nd Wedding Anniversary - how cool is that?

So we got the crew together for some delicious dinner! I will tell you though, Warm Bacon Spinach Salad just isn't the same without the bacon grease dressing. Damn gluten!

nephew fun

On Friday, Match and I headed to Maricopa to pick up Biggie and Tiny so that they could stay the night at Match and Papa's Friday night. After we picked them up we had lunch and then went to Costco - lawsy mercy, mamas - I don't know how you do it. I'm pretty sure we were in Costco for two hours to get like 10 things and I was flat exhausted by the time we left!

While Tiny was sleeping, Biggie and I played some basketball, had some treats, and then had way too much fun with the iPad. In the picture on the bottom right, he kept saying, "My head looks like a peanut." I couldn't stop laughing!

hairs cut

On Saturday, Papa and I took them to get their hairs cut! You've never seen two little kids sit so nice for haircuts as these two do. It is crazy! 

But how handsome are they now??

P Dinner

Dirty and I had Diddy over for Sunday Family Dinner. I made Paleo pulled pork, purple cabbage slaw, peppers stuffed with cream cheese, and roasted veggies out of my garden.

For dessert, I made the two of them cinnamon tortilla crispies. They were pleased!

My domestic skills are now being wasted on them... :)

As an aside, since I can not have dairy currently, I stuffed some of the peppers with roasted almond butter and wrapped them in bacon - I was a fan!

Now head on over and link up with Carissa - or at least read a blog you've never read before.

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  1. love the name drop.. maybe my next career could be a motivational speaker ;)

    I envy your strong will to delete dairy from your diet for a long period of time. You go girl. Make that rope your B!^*#