Sunday, January 8, 2012

No Time To Think

Man, I'll tell you what - this week has been CRAZY!

Between work events and birthday dinner, I feel like I've been going, going, going with no time to think.

We did have Monday off of work, and I started the day/week/year off right with CrossFit at 6am. The WOD was Helen - which consists of three rounds of a 400 m run, 21 kettle bell swings (35 lb), 12 pull-ups (I do jumping). I finished that workout in 9:49, which I was super proud of!

Then, as we were resting the CrossFit class was getting ready to run a mile for time. So my coach decided we would do that. Not having run a mile for time in a while, I really didn't have an idea of how fast I could do it, but I knew that my fastest run was in the 10:40/mile range for a 5K so I thought it would be in that area. I was feeling a little silly because the CrossFitters were talking about doing 5- and 6-minute miles. But I thought that all I can do is my best, so off I went.

As I was finishing the first 800, the clock was around the 4-minute mark and there was one CrossFit lady not too far in front of me. As I ran by my coach whispered to me, "Catch her, Airplane." And catch her I did. I beat her by about a minute and came in at my fastest mile ever in 8:28. Super stoked! I will try to run a couple more throughout the year to see how I'm doing.

Wednesday was Dirty's birthday and Thursday was Munchkin's, so on Wednesday night Diddy and I took them out for the 2nd Annual Birthday Sushi Extravaganza! It was a riot! I'm telling you what, that Munchkin is hilarious! And she promised Diddy and I that for our birthdays we can take her to a Little People convention - we are STOKED!!

Friday afternoon I headed down to Tucson to stay the night with Tiger (formerly Peach), so that I could be a spectator/cheerleader for my CrossFit peeps at a competition on Saturday morning. 

Then it was home last night to meet up with Diddy, Dirty, and some others for a night of dancing.

Birthday lunch with Granny B this afternoon wrapped up the week and I am exhausted!

I hope to post more in the coming week...

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  1. Wowsers I am super impressed with your CF times!! Awesome!!