Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 Miscellany

Warning: Lots of iPhone pics ahead...

my favorite elf

Still catching up from Christmas, but if this isn't the most adorable kid you've ever seen, I don't believe you.

Tiny wasn't feeling so well on Christmas Day - leading to the rosy cheeks. I don't know why he has an ET light on his finger.

a long time ago

Every year Match and Papa clear off the refrigerator and put up pictures from Christmases past. 

Check out how cute Sissy and I were back in the day!

Speaking of back in the day, SBS and her neighbor two doors do
wn (in Salt Lake City) became Facebook friends last week. When the neighbor was checking out her page, she noticed that we were friends also. So she asked her husband if he thought it was the same Airplane he used to babysit. This particular picture happened to be my profile pic at the time and he took one look at it and realized that it was, in fact, me!

How strange is that? I haven't seen him in over ten years and he lives two doors down from my sorority sister.

hangin' tough

Check out the retro gem that JP found for me when cleaning out her grandpa's house.

I've never been happier for a present that cost less than $5!

pajama party

Papa and I got all comfy in our jammies and settled in to watch UFC 141 on Friday.

Match and Dirty were there as well, but they just came for the wine - they aren't into the fights.

full-time fancy

In a last minute change of plans, I ended up at the Fiesta Bowl Gala on New Year's Eve.

It was a super fancy party and I had a blast! A big change from the past couple of years when I barely made it to the East Coast new year...

happy birthday!

Granny B and Shosh (formerly YogaHippie) share New Year's Day as a birthday.

(there is a faction of people who believe that Granny's birthday is the day before and there is a major battle about what year she was born, but I'm not going to get in the middle of it.)

Blowing out the candles.



muscle up

At the birthday party yesterday I asked Tiny to show me his big muscles.

He informed me that he had little muscles and then produced this pose:


Seriously - SO adorable!

arizona weather

On Friday, Papa and I met up with Sissy and the boys to check out the Arizona National Livestock Show.

It was a beautiful day to be with the loves of my life and to enjoy some post-show ice cream.

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