Thursday, May 10, 2012

Age Old Question

It is a question that has plagued mankind for ages...

If a tree falls in your backyard and you don't hear it, does it prevent you from yelling obscenities the following day when you discover the damage?

For the record - the answer is no.

So I took these pictures and texted Match and Papa.

I bet you can imagine the sheer joy I felt tonight when I walked outside to grill dinner and found this.

And Match replied: Try to save it.

Oh yes. Give me a moment while I run inside and put my Captain America costume on. Because really, I can't hold a downed tree with one hand and dig a hole with the other hand without that costume.

Then Papa called.

I told him of my dilemma of not being able to save the tree because I'm only one person.

He asks, is it a big tree?

Well, it isn't huge, but it is still a tree and I sill can not lift trees on my own.

I CrossFit, but I'm not a freak of nature.

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