Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I'm Sorry, What?

I 100% love the movie Sweet Home Alabama - I will watch it every.single.time. it is on.

Seriously - every time.

This morning I shaved 14 seconds off of my 2000 meter row!

I rowed it in 8:35 - the top five board in the gym has #5 at 8:17 - I have a little work to do.

But I did keep a fairly consistent pace for the 1500m and 1000m after that, so I was happy with my performance.

I turned 31 on Saturday.

And cut off all of my hair.

How adorable is BabyBunner's face in this picture? That kid is CUTE!


Look at that face!

And those rolls!

Be still my beating heart!

Do you know how I know I'm old?

I'm starting a juice cleanse on Saturday and I am super stoked!

I did a lot of research and thought about buying the juice and having it delivered, but that was super expensive, so Match came up with the idea of me buying myself a juicer and making my own juice.

So my wonderful sisters and Diddy got me a juicer for my birthday!

And do you see that apron? Glinda made it for me!

So great!

It was inspired by this. But you should probably read this. And then go ahead and start at today's post and read these blog entries until your kids start crying because you haven't fed them for three days, because this lady is HILARIOUS!! 

On Sunday morning I got to spend some quality time with this kid:

And I taught him that new trick.

He was pretty excited.

I intended this post to be something completely different...

It's crazy how my mind works.

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