Sunday, May 27, 2012

San Diego...Discovered by the Germans in 1904

PapaBear has an annual meeting in San Diego. It usually happens in June, and I wrote about it last year.

In the past, I either was in San Diego for the entire week and had to sit through the meetings for work or I only came at the end of the meetings to enjoy the family vacation fun.

But this year...

...this year was a whole new world!

While the boys and Dirty sat in meetings, Match, Superfan, and I went on the Food Network Tour of the San Diego area.

It was delightful.

And I thought about never eating again.


We left B-Town on Wednesday morning. Dirty, Diddy, and I in one car. Match, Papa, and Superfan in the other.

The first stop when we go to San Diego was the Blue Water Grill

I enjoyed a cup of Ciopinno and Hawaiian Wahoo tacos.

The table shared an order of the biggest, meatiest, tastiest oysters I've ever had; and some fresh shrimp ceviche. 

All delicious, but I had to add hot sauce and salt to every dish.

What can I say? I like it spicy!

Seriously, the fish was so fresh! And delicious! And amazing!

And the tacos each had a half pound of fish.

But I have to tell you - the special of the day was Ahi Poke and Chips. It was basically like a Ahi Poke ceviche served with corn chips - and that is what Diddy ordered.

And it was PHENOMENAL! 

It was salty and ginger-y and fresh and so, so, so delightful!

If it is on the special board when you get there - ORDER IT!

Match and Superfan shared the softshell crab sandwich, which they had eaten before and they loved it as much the second time.


Have you ever watched The Best Thing I Ever Ate?

I had to stop watching it when I almost got on a plane to Houston at 8:00pm on a Tuesday night to get chorizo and homemade tortillas.

However, Superfan didn't stop watching it and one night she saw an episode about brunch that included chilaquiles at a restaurant in Chula Vista, CA.

Just a short drive from our hotel by the bay and we were at Talavera Azul in downtown Chula Vista for breakfast nachos.

Seriously, folks, I have had chilaquiles before in a layered version, kind of like a breakfast lasagna. But this:

This was nothing but breakfast nachos.

Freaking DELICIOUS breakfast nachos, but nachos nonetheless.

Just to give you an idea of what you are looking at (because I realize it doesn't look that great), there are deep fried squares of corn tortilla (basically chips) and some shredded chicken covered in a chipotle cream sauce, with an over-medium egg on top.

Served with refried beans and potatoes.

Go here.

Eat this.

Trust me.

The remainder of Thursday was full of shopping and drinking and gambling. 

Good times were had by all.

I think.

The tequila seems to have clouded those memories.

Oh, but can someone tell me why these cookies are "killer?"

I just don't think they should put killer in quotes - it sends the wrong message.

I'm going to have to save Friday for tomorrow's post because I'm making myself hungry.

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