Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy Birthday, Sister!

Today is Sissy's birthday!

Which is the only reason that I will forgive her for harassing me via text message last night.

Well, probably not the only reason.

That "dolly blanket" was Sissy's version of a bobo

I do believe that I have told you before that Sissy and I are only 13 months apart. So basically, I was born with a best friend.

There isn't a memory that I have that doesn't include Sissy.

Sissy, Freckles, YogaHippy, Rejuba, and me
I would be lying if I told you that we always got along. But I always knew that if I needed something, Sissy would be there for me.

She has been my toughest competition and my fiercest supporter throughout the years.

She has pushed me to be better.

As little girls we shared a room. Match and Papa would put us to bed and we would be quiet for a couple of minutes and then we would sit up in bed and talk and giggle until we fell asleep.

We would play bank in Papa's closet. And Sissy always got to be the banker.

We would go out to swim. And Sissy would spend an hour spraying off the pool deck.

I can't be sure, but I think she is making me give her the eggs I found.
I see so much of her in BiggieSmalls. Which both makes me smile and scares the bejeezus out of me.

How freaking adorable are we?
 My sister can make me crazier than any other person I know, but there is no way that I can imagine what I would do without her.

I love my big sister more than words can express.

And I don't know why I even wrote this blog, because she doesn't even read it...

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  1. Your pictures are absolutely precious. What a sweet sentiment for your sis!