Monday, May 21, 2012


Trainer* and I went golfing yesterday morning.

I need a lot of help when it comes to the golf course!

We decided that we would play only 9 holes as a start.

Because, really, 18 holes is just stupid! Who has 4 hours to waste?

Either way, as we got started, it was apparent that I could not play a decent round of golf.

We went through some serious practice swings at the tee box of every hole while we waiting for the group in front of us to finish. I swung at nothing. I swung at pine cones. I swung at golf balls.

And finally, I connected.

On hole 7, with a 3 Wood, at a 180 yard hole, I did everything right and hit the hell out of that ball. 

It hit before the green and while I turned around to walk back to the cart, Trainer said, "You're on the green."

I didn't really believe him, but as we drove up the fairway to find his ball, I saw something totally unbelievable.

My ball was within a foot of the hole. 

No shit, y'all.

I was within a foot of getting a hole in one!

So Trainer decided that he was going to video me putting in my first birdie.

And to prove that it was a fluke, I missed the putt and only hit in for par.

And yes, Diddy, it is a little embarrassing. But life is about laughing at yourself.

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