Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What's Next?

As I previously mentioned, Glinda and I enjoyed watching the Arena Grand Prix swim meet this past weekend.

I may have told you before, but Glinda is a first grade teacher. On Saturday morning, she attended a picnic with a group of first graders who purchased the picnic in an auction.

At one point, she was in a conversation with two first grade girls. (Remember, these girls are like 6, maybe 7.)

Glinda: What are you doing later today?
Girl A: I'm going to watch swimming.
Glinda: Oh, are you going to the Mesa Grand Prix?
Girl A: Yes, my brother is doing a clinic and then we are staying to watch the swimmers.
Glinda: Who is your favorite swimmer?
Girl A: Missy Franklin. Because I'm a breast stroker and she is a back stroker, and I'm really bad at back stroke, so I like her because she is good.
(Rather profound for a 6 year old, but good on her.)
Glinda: Oh, I really like her too, but Michael Phelps is my all time favorite swimmer.
Girl A: Yeah, I really like him too!
Girl B: I wish he was swimming today.
Glinda: Me too.
Girl B: Why did he have to retire?
Glinda: Well, he reached all of his swimming goals.
Girl A: But can't he just set more goals?
Glinda: Well, sometimes when you are the best at something, it makes sense to move on and try something else. Like did you know he is learning how to golf now? He has a show about it and I watch it.
Girl B: First a professional swimmer? Then a professional golfer? What's next? Professional dancer?
Glinda: I don't know, maybe someday he'll be on Dancing with the Stars.
Girl A: I think he should be in the Nutcracker because I'd like to see that guy in tights!

Touche, girl, touche.

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