Monday, July 15, 2013

It Depends What the Meaning of the Word 'Is' Is

On Friday afternoon I stopped by Sissy's house to visit with the babies. When I pulled up, Biggie had just walked outside to visit the neighbors and he told me, "SisterSmalls just fell off the chair and bumped her head. She's crying a lot!"

When I went in the house, I encountered Sissy and SisterSmalls, and he was right - she was crying a lot! The three of us walked upstairs to see Tiny and that's when I noticed that Sister was acting a little funny and her eyes were kind of dilated. 

At that point we went downstairs for Sissy to call her pediatrician and Biggie came back in the house. When she hung up the phone I asked her what they had said.

Sissy: They said to keep an eye on her. Make sure her pupils are the same size, she doesn't vomit, and that she is acting appropriately.
Biggie: Acting appropriately? Like not taking her pants off in the middle of the road?

A little while later we were sitting on the couch.

Biggie: Aunt Airplane, do you know that song about California. With all the states?
Me: No, I don't think I do.
Biggie: See, Mom. I told you she wouldn't know.
Sissy: She knows, you just aren't explaining it very well.

So we go through a whole process where I ask him to give me some other clues about the song. What kind of music? Country. Did you hear it on the radio? Yes. Does it have all of the states in it? No.

And I start guessing songs, to no avail.

Then, I start googling things and I find it!

Jake Owen, Anywhere with You.

Biggie brings me his iPod touch and asks me to download the song for him.

Sissy: I told you Aunt Airplane would know the song.
Biggie: She didn't know it at first.
Me: Come on - all you gave me was, "It has California and other states in it." Based on that, I think I did pretty good. Uncle Bunner is always doing that - calling me and saying, "Airplane, what is that song? A guy sings it and it has 'and' in it."

About five minutes later:

Biggie: Oh, and I need that song that Papa likes from the Voice.
Me: Do you have anything else?
Biggie: The two brothers were singing it. And it has 'and' in it.

And he said it with a straight face.

And if you were wondering, SisterSmalls was fine.

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