Monday, December 21, 2009

Boys, Boys, Boys

Ok, one more and then I'll get back to Vegas.

I promise!

I was talking to JP the other day. We were discussing our love lives.

JP was telling me that she isn't currently dating anyone because she hangs out with the same people every weekend. And something about these people being a group of guys and no guy is going to hit on a girl who is surrounded by guys.

It sounded so familiar.

Then I thought about this story:

When I was a sophomore in college I joined a sorority (I know - you're shocked!) And for Spring Fling, our sorority was scheduled to sell ice cream bars with one of the fraternities on campus. This happened to be an ag fraternity and we happened to spend a lot of time with them. That's actually not really important to the story. Oh well.

So, as you can probably imagine there was a schedule made and everyone had to work a certain number of shifts and there were usually members from both houses there. One particular night, I was scheduled to work an evening shift and then IT and Peach were going to meet me at the carnival and we were going to ride all of the spinning rides (I think it was wristband night or something.) So it happened to have rained all day that day and was raining into the evening, during my shift. The carnival was obviously a temporary set up so the booths consisted of wooden frames topped with tarps. As it would rain, the tarps would fill up with water, then every ten minutes or so the wind would blow just right to lift the tarp up and all of the water would come down the sides of the booth.

So logic would tell you to stand right in the middle of the booth, right?

That's what I did.

It also happened that for some reason there were no other girls on that particular shift.

So, when IT and Peach walked up to get me what they found was - me, standing in the middle of the booth, literally surrounded by a circle of frat boys.

And do you know what they said?


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