Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Details

As I mentioned previously, I inadvertently left out some details from the Vegas trip. This really was not intentional, it is difficult to remember everything when posting a blog, but I try.

So, here's the rest of the story...

When we were planning the Vegas trip, Dirty and I decided that I would bring the liquor (since I was driving) and she would bring the flask (since I don't have one.) So when I was packing the ice chest, I also threw in some tiny water bottles so we could hydrate in between drunken nights.

Friday night rolls around and we are getting ready to go out when Dirty informs me that she forgot to pack the flask. Never fear, I'm very resourceful! We'll just drink the water out of two of these little bottles and fill them up with whiskey and vodka. Brilliant! We hide the bottles in some bags in our purses and off we go.

Now that I think of it, this little bottle of whiskey could be responsible for the incident in the revolving door and on the Monorail bench. When we got in the cab to head to South Point for the rodeo, Dirty was drinking whiskey straight out of the bottle. I don't think that's ever a good idea.

On Saturday, while we were at the Sands waiting for O'Connor to arrive, we decided that we needed to sit down for a minute and regroup. So armed with BM's we found a bench that was the perfect size for the three of us and proceeded to people-watch for a very long time. It was hilarious! I think that people-watching is one of my favorite pastimes. Do you think I can start listing that as a hobby?

Either way, we saw some pretty funny things.

First of all, there was a group standing not too far from us and one of their friends walked up and said, very loudly, "I'm about liquor drunk." After a long discussion about what other kind of drunk he could be, Diddy and I decided that he wasn't very smart and left it at that.

Around that time, a girl walked by with Pocahontas boots on and Diddy started making Indian noises only to turn and find that two large Native American women were walking behind her. They were not impressed with his antics.

In a random coincidence, CageFighter was also in Vegas that weekend. However, he was there to participate in a grappling tournament. On Saturday, after securing the bronze (I know, who gets third?) in the advanced category, he started drinking. Which led to texting me incessantly. It's not really important what the text messages said, just suffice it to say, he still loves me.

On the ride home, in an effort to entertain us, O'Connor started a fun game of 20 questions. These weren't normal questions - they were crazy off the wall questions! For example: Would you rather let someone pick any tattoo they want for you to put on whatever part of your body they chose or be the worst kisser in the world?

I think you get the picture. It wasn't a normal drive.

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