Monday, December 7, 2009

Excuse Me, 1921 Called...

So on Friday night I had dinner with CageFighter. It was a rather interesting experience.

I hadn't seen him in a number of years, but we have emailed, talked on the phone, and IMed throughout all of those years. On a fairly regular basis, he told me that he loved me since high school. Which I didn't believe. Apparently, he wasn't kidding.

But that's not really the funny part of the story. The funny part was at the restaurant.

We went to Applebee's, which is by no standards, a fine-dining establishment. When our waiter came to the table to get our drink orders I was a little creeped out by him. Then, he came back for our dinner orders... He kneels down and says, "Ladies first. Unless the gentleman is going to order for the lady." It was pure shock that kept me from laughing in his face. Was he kidding me??

First of all, I can order for myself. Second of all, we are at Applebee's. Give me a freaking break.

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