Friday, December 18, 2009

True Love

It's official.

I'm in love.

With Las Vegas during the National Finals Rodeo.

Actually I think I'm just in love with the National Finals Rodeo. Going to Vegas during one of the weekends it is going on just enhances that love.

And I'm in love with cowboys. Even rodeo cowboys.

And I'm in love with my new shark boots. Even though Bruce's dad had to die for them.

Maybe I should start from the beginning.

Dirty Shirley, Diddy, and I headed to Vegas last Friday to join in on the festivities of the NFR. Diddy and I had never participated in this particular activity so Dirty was going to be our guide.

Early Friday morning (though not as early as I would have liked) Diddy and I loaded into Tyler and headed west. I am sure that you can imagine the hilarity of a four hour car ride with the two of us. We did not disappoint this time, it just so happened that no one was there to benefit from it.

When we finally arrived in Vegas, we headed to the airport to pick up Dirty. Then it was off to the Hilton (H-I-L-T-O-N) - our home until Sunday. We made it to our room, dropped off our luggage, and headed to the convention center for a little shopping and a lot of alcohol! On the elevator on our way down there was a couple who were both pulling suitcases and one of them had an open 18-pack of Miller Lite and a man with only one spur on (we still don't know where the other was and we didn't see his horse parked outside). So no one says anything in the elevator, although I was thinking, you did something wrong if you're leaving with the beer. Then, as if I had spoken those words aloud, the man said, "We are changing hotels. This is the worst hotel in Vegas. Just look at the people walking around here, it's trashier than every other casino here." The rest of us just stood there. Seriously? The Hilton is the least classy? I think he used the wrong word.

The convention center shopping was successful for Dirty and we all imbibed on a few alcoholic beverages, ran into a lot of people we knew, and witnessed some really bad fashion! Then it was back to the hotel to get ready for the night.

We had dinner at the MGM and then headed to South Point to watch the rodeo and buckle presentations. Thanks to Diddy's quick thinking, we sat down at some video poker machines near the bar with the TVs and each put a dollar in and drank free casino drinks while enjoying the events. Once that was over, we headed into the auditorium for some live music and awards. We were lucky to find a table and enjoyed a few dances and a lot of drinks. Some of us more than others. At the end of the buckle presentations, and five minutes after the last time I looked at them, I turned around to Dirty and Diddy and they were 3M hammered! Dirty was watching the stage with one eye closed and Diddy was feeling his face to make sure it was still there. I believe that those are both international signs that it is time to leave the bar, so we headed out.

Our great plan to avoid paying an exorbitant cab fee was to take a cab to the MGM and then Monorail from the MGM to the Hilton. We got to the taxi stand and were approached by a gentleman who said that we could share a ride to Harrah's with another couple for $25. Deal. When we arrived at Harrah's, we had to walk through the revolving door and Diddy and I were in the compartment (is that what those are called?) behind Dirty. So in the middle of this particular door there was a gold platform that looked a little like a seat, however, it was not - it was slanted and when Dirty tried to sit on it, she slid right off. Onto the floor. While the door continued to revolve. So she stuck a leg out, which I'm pretty sure was dangerous. Luckily, Diddy and I made it out of our compartment in enough time to pull her out of hers and all was well.

Until we got to the Monorail station, where Dirty fell off a bench and hit her head on the concrete. Then Dirty and Diddy slept the whole way to the H-I-L-T-O-N and proceeded to fall down some stairs before we got to our room. Once we got to our room, Diddy decided that he was hungry and needed to order chicken strips and fries. However, Dirty was so drunk that she pulled an "Airplane" and passed out before the food arrived. Then prior to going to sleep Diddy drank the remainder of the blue cheese dressing that came with the chicken. Then kept saying to me, "I just drank the blue cheese. That was gross. Why did I do that?" (I am laughing hysterically just remembering it.)

Day two got started a little late because everyone was moving slow, but after a 10:30 am breakfast, Diddy and I were ready for some more BM's! This time we were off to the Sands for shopping and waiting for O'Connor to arrive. The Sands proved to be a bigger success in the shopping department as all three of us found a pair of boots that we couldn't live without.

Mine are brown. Shark skin. Beautiful.

I know. You're jealous. And it's about to get worse.

I got them for half-price.

I know!

But, back to the story.

Before coming across these boots, we came across the most wonderful bartender who let us make our own BM's. Like she poured the vodka and mix and we got to add the fixings. I added horseradish, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco, celery salt, and pepper. It was heavenly!

Then Janiac* and O'Connor arrived and the fun began (well continued). After having a few apps and some drinks at TKE, we headed back to the room to get dressed and hit the town!

Then it was off to South Point for the rodeo and live music! We had a blast! (Although I will say that the next morning everyone agreed that we didn't have as much fun as we could have.)

I taught O'Connor how to dance and we all danced the night away. Again, when we returned to the room, chicken strips were ordered, but everyone stayed awake until they arrived.

The next morning, Dirty awoke around 7 am and began doing calisthenics in the room, which woke everyone else up. After a late breakfast, everyone hit the road.

The drive home with O'Connor and Diddy was HILARIOUS, even though we had to sit in DAM traffic for an hour. I'm sure there were things that would be worth writing about, but I can't remember.

Either way, go ahead and assume the trip was a success and we will be there again next year!


  1. hilarious...drinking blue cheese?! you can bet I will be there next year and the party is ON

  2. You guys are CRAZY!

    I think a dude wandering around with spurs on in a hotel should have his photo taken and placed on your other blog. Not your cooking blog either.