Wednesday, January 13, 2010

If You're Going To Love Me

You should know a few things:

I am sometimes irrational.

I often laugh too loud.

I often talk louder.

I think that I am hilarious.

And I laugh at myself a lot.

Sometimes I can't get through a story because I'm laughing too hard.

I remember everything!

Maybe not everything, but a lot.

I am a typical middle child.

And a gemini.

I have big fears about little things.

And big things too.

I love to dance.

Sometimes in uncommon places.

Often around my house.

It doesn't concern me if I'm good or not.

I hate doing laundry.

I am impatient.

I am a small town girl.

And I love it.

I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.

I am not comfortable sitting on the sidelines.

I am not interested in what people I don't know say about me.

I am super sensitive to the things that people I care about say about me.

I talk a big game.

But I'm a lover.

Though I'll throw down if the need arises.

I love to cook.

I love schedules.

And my color-coded calendar.

They are my life blood.

My nephews mean the world to me.

I miss them every day that I'm not with them.

I sing very loudly in my car.

And I know I'm not good at that.

I have very few secrets.

I wear my heart on my sleeve.

And it has been ripped off before.

I am fiercely independent.

And sometimes intimidating.

And if you're going to love me...

You're going to love me for me.

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