Thursday, January 14, 2010

Would You Like A Drink?

When we were sophomores in college, IT and I were RA's. Looking back now, I think it is hilarious that anyone chose us to fulfill this duty. For a lot of reasons.

Midway through the first semester, IT got reprimanded for some dumb thing and had to leave her post as an RA. In a show of solidarity, I stepped down from mine as well.

And we moved out of the dorms late one night before Christmas break.

The process of moving was HILARIOUS!

For some reason, they allowed IT to keep her room at her dorm for like a week longer than me. And her dorm was a block down the road from mine. And we only had one dolly. So we would drive one of our cars up onto the sidewalk at my dorm. Ride the elevator up to the eighth floor, load up the dolly, ride the elevator down, and transfer the boxes to the car. And we would repeat this process until the car was full.

Then we would get into the car, with the passenger holding on to the handle of the dolly hanging out the door, and drive to her dorm. Where we would proceed to unload the contents of the car. This continued over and over until my room was empty. And we only got questioned by the police once.

Then we showered, I slept for like two hours, and then went to work at Old Navy. (Which, for the record, was the worst job on the planet. Ok, maybe Quebedeaux was the worst job on the planet, but they were both during this time in my life...)

We had found a VERY small apartment to move into for the remainder of the school year and summer and once we moved in, IT's parents came to visit us.

When describing the apartment her dad said, "I'm touching a wall, then I turn around and I'm touching a wall, then I turn around and I'm touching a wall..." I think you get the picture.

So, being typical college students, we had some alcohol in our fridge. As I was heading out the door to work at Old Navy (the God forsaken place), IT's mom opened the fridge and very dramatically asked if we were alcoholics because we had so much alcohol.

I quickly responded, "No, we're drunks. Alcoholics go to meetings." And left, closing the door behind me.

She has never gotten over that statement. To this day, she tells everyone she meets that she was so worried about us in college because I told her we were drunks.

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  1. hahahahahahahhaha thank you for sharing this one!