Friday, January 22, 2010

Running Out of Things To Say

My brain is fried.

I'm sorry for the lack of a post yesterday, but I had a really hard time focusing all day.

I think that the break-in rocked me to the core. Even though it could have been worse, I just kept thinking of what was missing and what I needed to do to replace it, and my mind was spinning.

I know that there are more storied to be told. I just can't think of them.

Here's a kind of funny one:

Last weekend, Diddy and I were at a meeting and we encountered a guy who needed his picture taken for the Face Punch Blog. I was trying to be sneaky and get the picture without having him see me.

As I walked back to Diddy to show him the picture a woman who was standing near the man asked if I got the picture. I was so embarrassed! I couldn't believe that she had caught me.

About five minutes later, she walks up to Diddy and I with another gentleman, who happens to be running for Governor this year. Then she asks me for my phone and makes us get our picture taken with him.

She thought I was trying to get a picture of him.

It was quite hilarious!

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