Monday, January 18, 2010


I'm sorry about the lack of a post yesterday.

I ran a half-marathon.

And then went to a concert.


Let's talk about that race though.

For about three years now I have been wanting to participate in the PF Chang's Rock'N'Roll Half Marathon, but kept finding reasons not to.

This year, I did it.

And I finished in under three hours! (Which was my goal.)

Actually, it was 2:43:21.

That's a 12:28 minute mile.

And the experience was AWESOME!

I will admit to all of you that I did not train as well as I should have. I kind of started with a plan, and then abandoned it. I ran some mornings, but not all. And I certainly didn't run a set amount of miles. On the weekends, I would try to up my mileage, but ended up walking more than I should have.

Needless to say, I was REALLY nervous about the race. Every time I would look at my calendar and see the date coming up, my stomach would turn into mush.

So many people knew that I was doing this, what if I didn't finish. Or what if I was super slow?

I was a wreck!

But everyone kept telling me that race day was different. That there were so many different variables at work and so many changes from training runs, you wouldn't even notice. And you know what?

They were right.

I kept a pretty steady pace and ran a majority of it.

It really feels good to set a goal and accomplish it!

So, here is the updated list of 25

1. See a baseball game in every Major League Stadium. (I've done Colorado, Boston, and Arizona so far. BodyBuilder* has talked about doing this with me, in which case I would have to start over with her)
2. Go to Mount Rushmore.
3. Master a signature dish.
4. Eat pizza in Italy.
5. Flamenco dance in Spain.
6. Drink in Ireland.
7. See the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center.
8. Get married.
9. Become proficient in Spanish.
10. Write a book.
11. Publish that book.
12. Give birth.
13. Learn to surf.
14. Visit all 50 states.
15. Learn to ballroom dance.
16. Go to the Summer Olympic Games.
17. Attend the Kentucky Derby. (or one of the other races that makes up the Triple Crown.)

18. Run a 1/2 Marathon in under 3 hours.

Ok, I'm still looking for 19 through 25, but I'm working on it.


  1. Maybe with #7 add ice skate at Rockefeller Center since it isn't ice skating isn't so scary now :)

  2. effing AWESOME, Airplane!! You are a true inspiration!

  3. Rachie I'm so proud of you!!! I've always wanted to do the 1/2 marathon.....but obviously haven't yet. Maybe I'll do it with you next year???

  4. Rachie I'm so proud of you!! I've always wanted to do the 1/2 marathon but never have.....maybe next year I'll do it with you?