Tuesday, November 23, 2010


So you may remember from a random list somewhere on this blog that one of my goals in life is to write and publish a book. 

I do not know if that book will be fiction, a cook book, a semi-non-fiction novel type book.

I just know that I enjoy writing and I think that other people enjoy reading.

Where does that leave us?

Thanks to yesterday's post, I was visited by another blogger and when I went to her blog, she had this cute little button from the Red Dress Club - so I checked them out.

It looks like each Tuesday they post a "starter" of sorts to get you writing.

I'm going to try it for a couple of weeks - if you hate it, I'm sorry.

This week is pretty easy - write about what you are thankful for.

I guess I should take that back - it is kind of difficult.

When I sit down to write what I am thankful for, I get nervous. If I make a list, I don't want to leave anyone or anything off. I don't want to seem shallow if I list material possessions (although we all know that we are thankful for some of those). I don't want to seem boastful if I tell you about all of the wonderful that is my life.

So, I apparently ramble...

In 2010, I am thankful for life. And love.

For that feeling of nervousness right before I address a crowd of people.

For that funny feeling I get in my toes when I have a crush on someone and I know I'm going to see them.

For the warm comfort of a cup of hot chocolate.

For the ease of conversation with a friend who knows you better than you know yourself.

For awkward encounters with random acquaintances. 

For the thrill I get when I have a hand-addressed envelope in the mail - regardless of what it is.

For the memories that jump to the front of my mind at the strangest moments and make me laugh out loud.

For the pure joy that I get when I'm dancing.

For the freedom that comes with apologizing to someone you have wronged.

For the hope that comes with having a sleeping baby in your arms.

For the breathlessness that comes with seeing a man or woman in uniform hug their child.

For a smile that turns a day around.

For the smell of fresh-baked bread.

And rain on the desert.

And clean laundry.

For friendships that stand the test of time.

For firsts.

For lasts. 


  1. Oh Lady,

    You have done a TREMENDOUS job...I'm so, SO glad you are going to do this. It's going to stretch you and force your hand to write...which I don't think really is an issue that needs to be forced with you...words seem to come naturally, eh? Oh...this is going to be great!

    I loved reading your thankful list-feel like I know you a lil more! :)

  2. Sweet. I believe in you Rach. I definitely think we will be able to purchase something you've written from Amazon/Barnes & Noble someday. If anyone can put their mind to it and do this, it's you. You are a talented writer, I can't wait to see what you do. many things on your list I'm thankful for too.