Wednesday, January 19, 2011

West Side Story

I mentioned on Monday that FredAstaire and Ginger got married this past weekend. And I'm certain that I have mentioned to you before how much I love to dance.

Though I'm not sure that I've told you that is a common trait among my family members. We are dancers. Not trained. Not formal. Just fun.

Seriously, if I haven't told you before, we have bands at our family reunions.

We LOVE to dance!

We'll go to weddings of friends and look around the dance floor and we'll be the only ones out there. I am sure that people think we are crazy. 

One of our favorite things to do on the dance floor at a wedding (or really any event in which there is music and a dance floor) is to get in a circle and take turns dancing in the middle of the circle. It is great fun and everyone can get into it.

So, on Saturday night, we were all waiting for the dancing portion of the reception to start so we could "break it down like inner-city kids."

The first song the DJ played was "Shout." A great song to get the dancing started. And much to our dismay, Ginger's family was out there in force as well.

What? We aren't used to sharing the dance floor.

A couple of songs in, the DJ puts on "Sexy Back." As JT is singing it, Ginger's family gets into a circle and takes turns dancing in the middle.

Match and I almost died!

I'm telling you, we were like the Sharks and the Jets out there.

It was pure madness!

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