Friday, February 11, 2011

Attitude Adjustment

We are leaving for family vacation today.

So I stayed at Sissy's last night so that I could get her family up and moving to leave at a reasonable time. 

I went upstairs to get Biggie dressed and ready to go and he jumped right out of bed and started getting himself dressed.

Airplane: "Biggie, I really like your get up and go attitude."
Biggie: "What?"
Airplane: "I like the way, when I say, 'Let's get ready,' you jump out of bed and do it."
Biggie: "Ok."

About thirty seconds pass:

Biggie: "What car are we taking?"
Airplane: "Your mom's."
Biggie: "Than why isn't she out of bed."
Airplane: "I don't know - when you're finished getting dressed you should go talk to her about that."
Biggie: "She has a bad attitude."

Oh, if he only knew how right he was.

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  1. Haha the joys of being an Aunt. Such great blog material. Have fun on your vacay :)