Monday, September 5, 2011

Picture Pages, Picture Pages...

I truly wish that I had more to blog about, but sadly, my life has been kind of normal lately.

I was out of town all week last week at a conference for work and then went straight to Jonestown for a weekend at the Ranch with the family.

Rather than telling you a story, I will share our ranch adventure in pictures...

 This is how TinySmalls spent the majority of his weekend at the ranch. That kid LOVES the dirt!

Papa and Biggie pushing the cattle to the tank. 

My little men. How adorable are they??

Tiny was making sure to hydrate on a break from work.

Papa and Tiny "driving the John Deere tractor." That little guy is obsessed!

Post-lunch naptime. When it was time to wake up from this nap and head back to work, Biggie said, "It's hard to go back to work."

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