Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Instagramming It...

Oops - clearly I missed Miscellany Monday.

Oh, well. Here are the pictures anyway:


We have been having a very mild winter down here in Arizona and I have been taking advantage by driving around with my windows down and my radio up!


I was invited to a reception at the Phoenix Art Museum last week and they currently have the Iconic Arizona photography exhibit displayed for the Centennial.

It was an amazing exhibit and I consider myself lucky that Match and Papa loaded all of us crazy kids into a minivan and drove us around this beautiful state so I could see first hand most of the things displayed on the walls of this exhibit.

Also, I don't know if you know this, but Dierks Bentley grew up in Arizona and his song Home is the official song of the Centennial. If you haven't heard it yet - I suggest you get it now!


You already saw this picture, but you get it again.

Love this little guy so much!!

missing you

As I mentioned, I had to help Granny B purchase and install a new printer on Friday. While I was waiting for the software to install I looked over to the side and saw this sitting on her desk. 

It was Popie's from high school graduation. I'm telling you what, there are some days I miss him so much I can't stand it.


Sissy and I took the boys to the Chocolate Affaire on Saturday where we found the Sweet Republic Food Truck and I got two scoops.

One of Salted Butter Caramel Swirl, which was very good. But, Oh. My. Goodness! That one on the top is Milk Chocolate Guinness ice cream and I could die right now thinking of how delicious it was!

If you are ever anywhere near Scottsdale - please stop in this shop and try their ice cream! You will not regret it!

(OMG - I just went to their website so I could link it up and found out that they sell their ice cream at Whole Foods locations - excuse me while I find the nearest WF Market!)

orange juice

On Sunday we headed out to M-Town for family lunch. I took one of the bags of oranges that Granny B had picked for me on Friday (Seriously, how many oranges does she think I can eat?) with the intention of squeezing them with the nephews.

Turns out Sissy doesn't have a juice and neither did Wal-Mart. So we settled for just eating them.

still adorable

Match was looking for Bunner's baby pictures to compare him to BabyBunner and she found this gem.

That's me holding Bunner in my lap.

Looks like I have always been this adorable! :)

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  1. I am all choked up over #34. How sweet that she has that on her desk. Kuddos to you for doing so well on the instagrammy thing.