Wednesday, February 15, 2012


sound of freedom

I have mentioned my intense love for our Country and the military before.

I won't lie to you - FCP isn't my favorite organization for a variety of reasons I will not share, but I do love the sound of jets flying overhead!

take me out to the ballgame

I attended a baseball-themed dinner for work in preparation for Spring Training in our City.

I thought this centerpiece was adorable! Peanuts, sunflower seeds, and caramel corn - the only way to make it more baseball is to fill it with beer after.

hot pink heels

It is a very rare day that I wear pants to work - I can't help it, I'm a skirt and dress kind of girl.

But sometimes you just have to end your work week in your favorite shoes. And when they are neon pink it is best to dilute the look with a long pair of black pants. Unless your job includes "street sales."

afternoon delight

Janiac was in town for one night and one night only last week! She was apparently starving when she arrived at my house so I gave her some cheese, crackers, and vodka and I enjoyed a glass of wine.

She told me that drinking wine in the afternoon makes me an old drunk. I think it just makes me a good Italian.


I spent some time on Saturday with two of the loves of my life! 

Biggie wrote me a special message on the whiteboard that I bought him for V Day. How cute is that??

why-o, why-o, why-o?

I don't know why I look up the wod the night before Crossfit.

Let me tell you, getting out of bed at 4:09am knowing that five rounds of walking lunges are ahead of you is not an easy task.

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