Saturday, February 25, 2012


Today I am 60 burpees stronger than I was yesterday.

My goal was 55. I seriously had done the math and figured out that if i did just over 7 burpees a minute I could make it to 55.

And then my judge told me to do 10 at a time and then rest. I did 10 in 40 seconds. Then another 10 and I was at 1:20. And then it all fell apart.

I had to go to five at a time.

My judge, who originally wanted me to get to 70 realized that wasn't going to happen so she adjusted the goal down to 50.

I got to 50 with one minute left and she started yelling at me.

"Do 10 this time - no rest!!!"

She just kept yelling and somehow I kept crawling off of the floor and jumping six inches.

I got the 10 and then nearly died.

My quads burned so bad I couldn't stand up.

So I fell to floor and stayed there for a while.

And then I got up and cheered another girl on - and she eventually beat me.

I didn't get the lowest number of our gym, and that I was proud of.

However, our gym manager told me that even if I did get the lowest number, I wouldn't come in last because I finished it.

And that is better than the people who never started.

Today I am 60 burpees stronger than I was yesterday!