Monday, July 23, 2012

Miscellaneous Me

are you sure

I have discovered something that makes me crazy! It may be totally irrational, but isn't that how I roll anyway?

If I ask you if you would like me to do something and you reply, "sure," I'm certain to go nuts!

I don't know why, but it just seems so non-committal to me and I can't stand it.


We spent the weekend in southern Arizona for a family reunion this weekend.

I love the monsoon in that part of the country. Nothing compares to an afternoon rainstorm down there!

sleeping like a baby

Whoever started using that term to mean that they had a great night sleep should be punched in the wiener!

At the family reunion, I shared a room with Sissy, BIL, and SisterSmalls.

SisterSmalls doesn't sleep through the night.

Reassuring me that I'm not sure I'd like to have children of my own.

It's a good thing she is cute!

tool time

I got a tool to help me with my calluses from CrossFit.

This baby is a little dangerous, but it seems to have shaved my calluses down.

We'll see if it helps.

little sister

On Friday I will fly to Boise to pick up Sissy's new car and drive it home.

Fourteen hours in the car by myself.

Wish me luck.

And remind her of this when it comes to buy me gifts, please.

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  1. would love to hear more about your crazy family reunion! Did y'all actually get a band?

    Yes, I agree with you about that quote...sleeping like a baby...phsh! That baby is SO DANGED CA-UTE. Seriously, ranks up there with some of the cutest babies ever!!