Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Scorpion Queen


Yesterday I had a kind of important lunch for work, so I wore a black dress with ruffles on the top and brought a white jacket to wear over it to the lunch.

Lunch went well and when I got back to the car I took the white jacket off so as not to have a heat stroke.

I went straight to a coffee meeting from lunch, where I was stood up. So I ordered an iced coffee and headed back to the office.

I got in the elevator at the office and looked in the mirror.

Luckily I was alone in the elevator because I noticed that there was something on my dress under the ruffle and thought to myself, Oh no, I hope that there wasn't something on my dress all during lunch.

Then I realized that it was a scorpion!

I am not kidding you - I freaked out! I started screaming and trying to get it off me. I broke my badge and it fell to the floor. Then I temporarily lost the scorpion.

When I found it, it was trying to crawl away on the floor of the elevator, but I killed it!

There are a variety of theories as to where the scorpion came from:

Match thinks that it had been in the jacket.

Big T thinks that it crawled up a wall or a tree and fell on me.

Either way, I am getting tired of the scorpions. I don't like them!

I don't like them at all.

And now I feel like things are crawling on me all of the time.


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