Thursday, February 7, 2013

Adventures in Baking

Last night Glinda and I cashed in on a Living Social Deal we bought.

In a quest to try new things, we are trying to purchase deals that give us the opportunity to try activities we might not normally try.

Last night was a baking class.

Clearly I'm not much of a baker - you know, the whole gluten thing and all, but I figured, what the heck!

Then we checked out the list of classes and we thought we would try out the "Chocolate Surprise" class - thinking that chocolate would be something along the lines of candy and I would be able to eat it.

I arrived at Glinda's early so that we could go out for dinner ahead of time, and when I got there she appeared a little frazzled. We decided that we would grab some dinner and margaritas in advance of the baking class. 

That turned out to be the best idea we ever had!

We get into the classroom, with like 35 other people, and find our seats.

The class starts and it appears that we have somehow found our way into "Baking for People Who Have Never Been in a Kitchen."

Seriously, people were asking the dumbest questions, and the only thing that kept us there was the tequila in our blood and the hot assistant.

We totally were the girls in the back of the room laughing at inappropriate times.

At one point the teacher asks if we like milk or dark chocolate and Glinda turns to me and says, "I like my chocolate like I like Tyson Beckford."

My response, "Naked?"

I am telling you, the entire class was full of innuendo and outuendo. (If you can identify that line, we will be friends forever!)

Some examples:

"I won't get it all over - I have the right finger maneuvers."

"The trick is not to over beat it. You don't want it to get too hard."

It was out of control!

Our next adventure is glass blowing next month. Stay tuned!

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