Monday, February 25, 2013

The Curtain Fiasco

So, you'll remember that I recently purchased curtains for my sliding glass door and I had Match and Papa scheduled for a Super Saturday of Fun to hang said curtains up.

Well, as you read earlier, I've begun to lose control of my life.

So what actually happened on "Super Saturday of Fun" was that Match, Papa, and I headed out to M-Town to watch Biggie play a football game and bring Tiny back to B-Town with us. 

When I got to Match and Papa's house that morning to ride to M-Town, she said to me, "Papa is pretty tired, how about me, You, and Tiny hang the curtains this afternoon. Sissy and I hung the curtains in her house alone."

I agreed, how hard could it be, right?

Yeah, famous last words...

Things started out pretty good, we did a little measuring made some decisions and put the first curtain rod anchor in without an issue.

The second anchor was a little more difficult, but we powered through and things were looking good.

About this time, Tiny was getting a little antsy and kept running around my house getting nails, screws, and anything else he could find to hand to me up on the ladder. Also, the arches of my feet started to ache from standing on the ladder for so long. I have a new respect for anyone who has to spend any increment of time on a ladder everyday.

Tiny was clearly a big help!

So, we move on to the third anchor and the proverbial shit hits the fan! I'm telling you, it got nutty. I threw a hammer and a pair of pliers. I cursed Papa. I nearly threw my drill. Match got up on the ladder and broke the anchor and now we were effed!

We had been at this project for the better part of 3 hours at this point and I know Papa was up from his nap, but clearly not concerned about the fact that he hadn't heard from Match regarding the project that should have been complete by now.

In the middle of all of that, Tiny decided that he wanted chocolate milk. Well, Aunt Airplane doesn't have Ovaltine. Or milk. But he opens my fridge and sees a container of heavy whipping cream and says, "You have milk."

So I look in the pantry and find some dark chocolate and ask Match if she thinks I can melt it and sweeten it and make chocolate milk. She is up on the ladder breaking shit, and says it is worth a try.

It wasn't worth a try. 

So, we all load up in the truck to head to Lowe's because now we need a new curtain rod anchor and a drywall repair kit. (Don't ask - trust me.) And Tiny needs some chocolate milk.

We finally get home and get the third anchor up, the dry wall patched, and the curtains hanging; but there may or may not be two screws sticking out a wall in my house that need to be cut off. And I may or may not still be finding tiny nails that Tiny scattered throughout the house.

The finished product!

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