Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Happy Happy Happy Hour

Having both had unbelievably long Tuesdays, Diddy and I decided that we would meet up this evening for a happy, happy, happy hour. (If you don't watch Duck Dynasty - you should.)

Somehow we got on the subject of my private investigative skills.

You see, yesterday I was telling Sissy, SuperFan, PapaBear, and Diddy that I had been thinking about a guy that Sissy had dated previously who we hadn't heard from in a while so I found him on the internet. I filled them in on the details of his life, as I knew them; and Sissy told me that I should be a private investigator.

So I was telling Diddy again how that warmed my heart. (I really like it when people recognize my strengths...)

So Diddy says, "This has been our plan for a long time, remember? I was going to be your partner? But what we really need to do is have a stakeout."

Me: "Yes, I know. But you ruined our last stakeout because you kept going out of town when it was scheduled."

Diddy: "We'll have to eat peanut butter and pee in a jar."

Me: "I'm not supposed to have peanut butter. Can we get almond butter?"

Diddy: "Sure. I guess you don't mind peeing in jar. I really thought that would be the sticking point for you. But no, it was the peanut butter."

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