Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Living Without

I had to swing by Granny B's house yesterday morning to help her with some stuff.

I wasn't sure exactly what "stuff" was, just that she needed help. I showed up to her house around 9 am. Turns out she wanted to put the baby highchair that we got her for Christmas for her great grandchildren in the garage. Neither of the boys are still sitting in the highchair at her house and she "doesn't know when the next baby is coming."

Additionally, she saw some plants a couple of days earlier at the grocery store and she thought that one would like nice where the highchair had previously been.

So we moved the highchair to the garage and covered it with plastic. Then, we had to go to the grocery store to get the plant and then to the home improvement store to get the decorative pot to put it in.

No big deal. We get home, put it all together and I'm out of there in less than two hours.

Which is good because I had a hair appointment.

Then I got a message from Granny B, she forgot to give me the stuff that she had for Match so she was hoping I would come back by the house after my hair appointment.

Let me stop here and tell you that I had big plans for lunch at my house. I had leftover lamb from Easter and a salad in the fridge and I was super excited about combining the two.

So, I get to Granny B's house to pick the stuff up and she asks, "Would you like to go across the street to get a salad for lunch?"

Of course I couldn't tell her no.

We finished lunch and were heading home when she said, "Oh, I meant to ask you, do you need anything from Sprouts?" (read: I want you to go to Sprouts with me.)

Long story short, we went to Sprouts and then I took her home. When she walked me out to my car, she went to get the mail and as she was walking back she knocked on my window to wave goodbye.

And then it hit me.

I don't want to live in a world without Granny B.

She drove me absolutely batshit crazy in DC. And when she calls to ask me to help her out, I know that I have to plan for an entire day because that's how long it will take. 

But just thinking about a day in the future when she's not there to call and chat with makes me cry. (Seriously, I'm tearing up right now.)

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  1. Treasure those moments. You're lucky to still have 3 out of 4 grandparents.