Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Twelve Inches...Or A Foot

Did any of you see that Sex and the City Episode where the guy at the shoe store gives Charlotte free shoes as long as she'll let him put them on her feet?

I was as freaked out about that episode as I was when I encountered a foot fetish in real life.

As I've mentioned, Cribs got married a couple of weekends ago.

I may have also mentioned that it was! That isn't really the point here, but I can not express this enough.

So, as is typical of girls at weddings, we wore heels during the ceremony, but when the reception came around we changed into flips. (Super cute flips that Cribs' mom bought for us!)

Because you know, at a wedding, me and my girls - we gots to get our dancing on!

And dancing we did - all night long!

The band shut down at midnight and by the time we got everyone situated and headed outside for a cab it was closer to one am. 

Glinda, Fiero, another bridesmaid, and I are standing in front of the resort waiting for a cab when another party goer came up to us and said, "I saw you girls wearing those heels earlier and then you changed. I was very disappointed. You should wear heels all night."

We kind of thought he was joking so we all made a comment about how he should wear heels all night or how we couldn't properly get our groove on in the heels.

Then he says, "I'm serious. Next time I see you at a wedding, I expect you to wear heels all night. I kind of have a thing for feet."

We all just kind of stared at each other - I mean really, what do you say to that?

Then he offered us a drink that he was carrying.

I said absolutely not - I did not want to get roofied by the crazy foot fetish guy.

Though what's the worst that could have happened? I would have woken up with painted toe nails getting a foot massage...

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