Monday, April 18, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

unplanned break

I'm sorry I have been MIA for a week. I was catching up on life and relaxing a little last week and for some reason blogging didn't fit in.

I'm back now though - don't worry.

wonders never cease

Well, we ran Pat's Run this past Saturday. And as you'll remember I was scared about going 4.2 miles...

I am happy to report that Cribs, Glinda, and I ran that race in 43:53. Yes, friends - that is a 10:26 mile! I continue to amaze myself.

put the lime in the coconut

As you may know, I try to eat (mostly) Paleo. One of the changes that I have made on this eating plan is that I have switched from half-and-half in my coffee to coconut milk. (I'm not quite cowboy enough for black coffee yet.)

I LOVE coconut milk! But I have recently learned that you can not buy the store brand of this product - it as good. Trust me on this one.


  1. Egads! Coconut milk?! Not gonna lie..that sound sick...:)

    Great job on the run!

  2. Awesome job on your run!! Holy cow you're fast!

  3. Oh, and I'm sure you can guess I will not be buying coconut milk-period. But in case I ever need to pick some up for someone else I vow to not buy the store brand :)