Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Nice Day for a White Wedding

Shit got real this past weekend.

IT married IKEA* (he finally got a name and he came up with it himself...)

I do not have any pictures of the bride and groom together, so you will have to settle for a picture of me and the hottest date around, DVL.

Yeah - we rocked it!

Check out those shoes! And remember them - they will be back later.

DVL and I worked together many moons ago and we've been friends for a while now. He resides in DC and is a blast!

I honestly don't know if I would have enjoyed the wedding as much without him by my side.

He was a great dance partner (and obliged me by dancing to EVERY song!), a phenomenal drinking partner, and a photogenic SOB!

The photographer was a friends of the groom's family so she threw the photo booth in for free.

We took full advantage. Though I was really hoping for some boas.

I mean really, how cute are we?

While we were out enjoying ourselves on the dance floor, Tiger stole one of my shoes and took it back to the hotel with him. 

The following day, as DVL and I tooled around town running errands, I received various pictures like the one below, of my shoe seeing the sites of our Nation's Capitol.

All in all, it was a beautiful wedding and a fabulous weekend!

I am certain there are more stories to share, and I may even get around to sharing them at some point, but if I don't - at least you have the pictures, right?


  1. Hilarious! I love that Tiger took the shoe sightseeing!

  2. When did he name himself IKEA? And what was his reasoning? :)

  3. When did he name himself IKEA? And what was his reasoning? :)

  4. Hmm... He may not necessarily know he named himself IKEA, but at one point he said, "If IKEA were a family, it would be ours." It kind of stuck... :)