Monday, September 10, 2012

Manic Monday

As I frequently do on Sunday nights, I checked my CrossFit website last night to see what today's WOD would be. 

The website said:

So, I read, Run 6x400m
3 min rest between

I however did not read the coach's notes that said, RX...female 3.00 between start times.

So what that means is, we will all take off at 3-2-1-go and run at the rate that would get us to our goal mile time. Then, at 3:00 (regardless of the time you returned to the starting line) we would start run #2. Then, at 6:00 minutes, run #3. And so on and so forth until we had completed 6 runs - or a mile and a half.

Of course once you're there, there is no turning back. So off I went at 3-2-1-go...

And below you see the results of those six runs!

If you can't see that (because pictures taken of computer screens do not come out well), that says that I ran every single one of those 400s under two minutes!

Which puts me well on the course of an 8-minute mile! At least for a mile and a half.

So I left the gym and I was all like, Monday, I'm making you my bitch!

And then I had a meeting out of the office and when I got back to the office, Monday was like, Nice try, Airplane! I'm still Monday and I still kick ass!

I'm not proud of what I'm going to tell you next, but I have to say it...

I bet I said the F-word 15 times between 10am and 11am. 

I'm serious. I know it isn't lady-like and I wish it wasn't true, but it is.

Everyone was on Monday's side and they were kicking my ass like Big Deloris!

But I'm going to power through! Because it is IT's wedding week and I get to see DVL on Friday!

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