Monday, September 24, 2012

Update: BOOM!

First and foremost, I will be taking a moment to bask in my glory!

As you'll recall, last Monday, we ran 6 400m time trials at the gym. And I was so happy to get all six of them under two minutes. Even though the last one was on the brink - 1:59.

Well, today (and apparently every other Monday from now on) we did it again.

Do you see those numbers on the fourth line down?!?!

They are mine!

1:39, 1:43, 1:43, 1:49, 1:48, and 1:47!


And then we moved on to the clean complex lift - which is 3 hang power cleans, 3 push jerks, and 3 front squats.

My heaviest weight on this complex previously was 43kg.

Today - 49kg! And I could have potentially done a little more.

I lifted the same amount as one of the girls who competed on our affiliate team at the games!!

Tomorrow, I will share with you some awesome dating advice.

Trust me, you won't want to miss it!

I totally forgot - there was a second part to this post.

I am currently obsessed with this song! If you are looking for some good music - I highly recommend downloading it!

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  1. Wowzer! You are doing awesome! Awesomely? Love that song - hadn't heard it before. It's beautiful.