Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I'm An Asshole

Whoa - how did it already get to be the first Tuesday in September?

I really need some excitement in my life so I can blog more.

I'm an asshole - because I can't stop telling people how fast I ran a mile.

Seriously, in situations where it isn't even germane, I just bring it up.

My coworkers are all like: Do you think we should set this display up on the inside or outside of the booth?

And I'm all like: Can you believe I ran a mile in under 8 minutes? Wait, what? That's not what we were talking about? Oh, man. Sorry. Well...can you believe it?!?!

Do you want to know another reason I'm an asshole?

Last week while I was at a conference, setting up said booth, the people in the booth across the way were building this elaborate TV mount system. And one girl was standing in front of the TVs and a guy started yelling and two TVs and the mount system fell on her. And then she stood up and said she was ok. And then the fire department came and I pretended like I was going to fall so the cute firemen would pay attention to me.

I mean, I was totally just joking, but it kind of makes me an asshole, right?

Oh well. My coworkers thought it was hilarious.

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