Friday, September 21, 2012

No Good Way

Match and I at the Buckeye Hawks football game. It was like a production to get this picture taken.
Yes, friends, it is Friday night. And I am blogging.

Tonight I went with Papa and Match to Munchkin's FFA BBQ and then to the Buckeye Hawks football game!

It's ok to be jealous of how totally awesomely exciting my life is!

(That line up there just reminded me of a guy who bought the house I grew up in. His name was Toad Lee - and Sissy, YogaHippy, and I used to call him Toad Lee Awesome. Because, why not?)

Either way, as I mentioned, we started the night at the FFA BBQ, where they served the most disgusting BBQ meat that I have ever eaten and corn on the cob.

So we were sitting at a table with the family and PieRanch said, "I hate eating corn on the cob in public."

Which reminded me of the time we were at the Cattle Growers convention and there was this guy I had a major crush on. So we were in the dinner line together and they were serving corn on the cob. We both got a piece.

Then we went to find a seat and there were no tables with empty seats (have I already told you this story?), so we sat at a table alone and were enjoying our dinner and random conversation.

When he said, "You know, there really is no good way to eat corn on the cob, is there? You just have to make out with it."


How awkward is that?

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